Macedonian Children’s Outreach Project (MCOP)

Children's choir singing, smiling and with arms raisedThe project funds local children of Masese to go to school who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

The project tries to support one child from different families with at least two thirds of their school fees. The project encourages families to maintain contact and interest in the education of their child by paying one third of the school fees when possible.





It also gives the children breakfast on centre days held during the school holidays and they attend PSHE and bible study classes.





As the children progress through the school system, the financial commitment from MCOP increases as the secondary fees are more than that of primary school fees.







Whereas other projects in MVA are looking to be self-sustaining, this project relies solely on donations. You can make a donation stating it is for MCOP, or you can sponsor a child.