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If you are running, climbing, swimming, baking, (or anything else you can think of!), and would like to raise money for Macedonian Vision Africa and the people of Masese. Please get in touch.

Child SponsorshipLarge group of children from Masese in a crowd

If you would like to sponsor a child and support their family with school fees, please click here for more information.


There are many things to pray for: health, discernment and wisdom for the Masese community, and both the Ugandan and UK teams. If you’d like more up to date and detailed information for prayer. Please click here to receive our newsletter.


Please click on the links below to read our reports from recent trips to Uganda, by the MVA (UK) team.

Uganda November 2014_report

Uganda February 2014_report

Ugandan Report_September/October_2016

Uganda 2017 trip report

Uganda March 2018_Trip Report

Please click on the links below to read MVA Uganda’s Annual Reports

MVA Uganda Annual report March 2017 March 2018

Please click on the links below to read MVA UK’s Financial Statements

MVA UK Financial Statement Summary_2017_2018